Uniform Dress Code

The school uniform has been approved by the LSA School Board. Updated uniform items can be purchased from the link above  

Parental Uniform Agreement

Parents must ensure that their child arrives daily in full uniform to any school event unless otherwise instructed.

The student is required to dress out in full P.E. attire for class. The student's P.E. grade is affected by proper uniform attire and participation.

Friday Attire

Fridays are considered “CASUAL FRIDAYS”, during which the students may wear clean, modest, un-torn, appropriate clothing showing no cleavage or midriffs.
The Principal has the authority to determine if clothing complies with school policy and to enforce an appropriate consequence. Any decision may be appealed to the school board.

Uniform Requirements

Embroidered items include:

▪️Polo shirts to be worn on Mondays and Wednesdays. Embroidered polo shirt colors are: Light Blue and Gray only.

▪️White button-down dress blouse/shirt is to be purchased and worn for performances only.

Other Uniform Items

can be found on the French Toast link above:

▪️K-4: Girl’s Uniform Jumper

▪️Grades 5-8: Girl’s Navy Skirt

▪️Grades K-8: Boy’s Navy or Black Pants

Dress Code

Outer garments such as coats, jackets, sweaters or other appropriate outerwear are permitted as long as they are consistent with the dress code and are neat, clean and modest.


Hair should be clean and neatly groomed so that it does not attract attention or obstruct vision. Boys' hair should not extend below the bottom of their collars. Extreme hairstyles or unnatural color is not allowed. Hats or visors are not permitted in the school buildings.


Jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, choker chains, ankle chains, toe rings, navel rings, nose rings, tongue rings, etc. are not to be worn to school. These items, if worn, will be taken and held in the office for pick up by a parent or guardian. This policy also applies to all special occasions such as graduations, dinners, concerts, field and class trips, etc. Medical identification bracelets or necklaces are permitted.


Makeup and nail polish that is strongly colored or detracts from the natural appearance is not permitted.

Dress Code Enforcement

When a student is found out of dress code a notice of violation of dress code policy will be emailed to the parents via RenWeb. The parents will need to bring appropriate attire. If parents are not able to bring appropriate attire, administration will provide the student with the uniform pants and/or shirt to wear. These become the property of the student and the parents will be billed for them.

Dress Code Violation Actions

  • 1st offense – Verbal warning
  • 2nd offense – A change of clothes must be brought for the student
  • 3rd offense – Parent conference
  • 4th offense – Suspension